Monday, 2 September 2013

What Size Should You Order?

September 2nd 2013
It seems that September has become the beginning of most people's New Year. Forget January. September is when resolutions are made and goals are set. I like the idea. After all, with Christmas, or the 'Holidays', only three short months away, it makes goals seem more attainable.
Yet again, I have promised myself I will keep up my Blog postings on a regular basis. The problem usually lies with not wanting to bore my readers - There are five at the time of typing, and I am eternally grateful to them for their fortitude.
However, this topic is something I wanted to post so that I can direct  and,

How to pick a Mammazooms Hat size.

Newborn sized hats should pop straight onto the baby's head without the need to stretch it over. Obviously all the crocheted hats have give in them so don't panic if the newborn you have bought your Mammazooms photo prop beanie for is larger than estimated sizes shown here.
Apart from the Premature and Newborn sizes it is recommended that you order 1 - 1.5 inches smaller head circumference than you need as wool has plenty of give in it and it could end up too loose later on.


NEWBORN                  12-14 inches                             5.5 inches
(up to 3 wks)              (30.5-35.6cm)                           (14cm)

0-3 mths                     13-14 inches                           5.5 - 6 inches 
                                 (33 - 35.6cm)                          14 - 15.2 cm)

3-6 mths                     14-17 inches                           6 - 6.5 inches
                                  (35.6 - 43.2cm)                      (15.2 - 16.5 cm)

6-12 mths                    16-19 inches                           6.5-7 inches
                                  (40.6 - 48.3 cm)                     (16.5 - 17.8 cm)

12- 48 mths                 18-20 inches                            7 -8 inches
(Toddler)                    (45.7-50.8 cm)                       (17.8 - 20.3 cm)    


3- 10 YRS                    19 -20.5 inches                        8 -  8.5 inches
                                 (48.3 - 52.1 cm)                     (20.3 cm - 21.6 cm)

TEENAGER/                20.5 - 22 inches                       9 - 10 inches
Small Adult                 (52.1- 55.9 cm)                       (22.9 -25.4 cm)

Adult                          22 - 24 inches                         11 - 11.5 inches
(Large)                       (55.9 - 61 cm)                         (27.9 - 29.2cm)

It should be noted that Hats with braiding etc are not as long in the crown to trim area as stated in this guide. All our crocheted items are handmade an as such may vary a little in sizing. However, this is a good guide to go by.
I hope it helps you keep warm and dry during the coming months.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Teenage Geek Chic

It was suggested by those in the know, that MINECRAFT mods are the way to go in creating Beanies for Gamers.
My son and his mates are crazy about an on-line game called, Minecraft. It is the fastest growing computer game in the world. It's a creative game that involves building your own world. One of their most popular villains in the game is CREEPER.
So I have designed my own version. I hope it's popular.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Lessons Learned

I'm going to carry on as though I've been posting continuously since my last post!
I was really excited about taking part in Craftfest 2012 last week. I started the week with 13 followers on Twitter and - yes - that included my 16 year old son, his mate and my mum. ( Even the Great Wall started with a few bricks - give me a break!) By the end of the week I now have 76 followers. I hope I can gain insight; inspiration and sales from them and hopefully reciprocate. I have met a great group of crafters at
The next CRAFTfest is in September.
This week has been a steep learning curve really. I have had to learn how to function without a fridge. It died two weeks ago  - during the hottest week we've had in these parts, this year. I don't know what it died of but the British Gas engineer said it was definitely terminal. What ever it was it must have been contagious as a few short days later my back up fridge in the garage hummed its last too. 
( Yes! I have a back up fridge in the garage - don't you? ) Well, okay. I admit it's a bit odd. Most people have a backup freezer in their garage. ( Have that to!) There are valid reasons actually - so don't judge!

  1. I'm housebound and need to have access to all my supplies without having to rely on my lovely family and friends all the time.
  2. I was having a narcoleptic absence whilst bidding for a small chest freezer on the comet auction site & accidentally bid for a stand alone fridge. Don't tell 'Daddyzooms' as he still thinks I did it deliberately to keep his Yuletide supplies chilled.
Number One Son  has had to learn how study for and sit his GCSE examinations whilst having a 17 week migraine. Nothing amusing to say on this score but we are all extremely proud that he has given everything he has to the fifteen papers in ten subjects has already sat. At the time of writing he has two left. Tomorrow he has Classical Greek language II and then his ultimate exam is Latin Prose. I have to just add that he has been way too sick to attend school to take these exams and the teachers from his school have volunteered to sit as examination officers for him. I cannot express how grateful we are for their thoughtfulness and professionalism. 

No one in our home has escaped learning how to deal with something new this month, even Indie. Our Airedale Terrier, had to have an emergency hysterectomy on Friday. She was very poorly but now her main problem is learning to wear 'the cone of shame'.
She is managing really well actually. She's found her inner rhinoceros. If she can't get through first time she has taken to taking a step back and charging.

But one of the best lessons learnt by me was how to set up my WOW shop. You can find it on
All lessons are a journey and I am far from graduation. So please keep checking to see more stock added. I hope to have a FREE CROCHET BEANIE HAT PATTERN to post next month. 
I also intend to add photos to this blog, once I've learnt how to do it.
Finally rather proud to announce that I'm now a member of The Crafters' Guild

Monday, 16 January 2012

Just Testing

I have been trying to get this Blog started for a few weeks  now and decided just to post my goals for the coming year.
Last year I started crocheting and patchwork quilting. It seems to have gone well and some of my work can be seen at  - Member's Name: Essoblu
This year I want to take the crocheting and patchworking further. I am currently making a 'Heart' Lap quilt for my sister - in - law's 50th birthday. She is coming to visit from Australia at the end of the month. I decided to make the quilt at the beginning of the month. ( Not much room for error). I should share with you that I have never made a quilt before. Oh! and I don't have a pattern either.
You have got to love a challenge!
I emailed my niece to check her favourite colour. Purple. Okay. So then I had the bright idea to use a jelly roll as it will limit cutting time.

Simplifying the pattern design to make it idiot proof for myself I cut 2 1/2 inch squares in purple card. Once I was happy with it I marked each piece in place so that I could move it around without having to make it up again. I realise there are better ways of designing but sometimes my brain just needs the concrete shapes to work with.
The background was difficult as I couldn't decided on a colour. Cream looked too pale. Yellow was too bright. So a mix of three or four variations of the two might work. Have a look at you can judge.

So this is the stage I am at now. I suppose I should go and do some sewing.